Robots work smarter. People live better.

Make your robot adaptive like no other

Robots can be applied where previously considered not possible 



10 billion by 2050

Demand for products and food



Shortage of labor

Factory - NO!


Cannot be applied everywhere

No one to fulfill the demand! 

Our Solution

Enable robotic systems to grip like humans


And be adaptive

Automate with ease what's not been possible

Help workers and companies

Affordable solution

So everyone can automate

Key: Adaptive Robotic Gripper


Our Innovative Technology

thtRobotics develops universal adaptive gripping solution that can handle objects of different type, size, shape, stiffness and weight. Our gripping solution can handle objects ranging from soft fruits and vegetables, herbs, easy squeezable and fragile to  stiff objects. With our gripper robots become adaptive like no other. We bring robots where previous considered not possible. 

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Robotized solution for packing sushi | Robotsu
Adaptive Robotic Gripper. Grasping syringes and medicine containers
Adaptive Robotic Gripper. Packaging of flowers

Food industry       

Pharmaceutical industry


Our partners

Sciar Consulting helps Life Science Companies and Process Industry to discover the full digital potential and utilize and implement the latest digital solutions to their businesses!

Our Story

We are The Human Touch Robotics and we're determined to change many industries with our gripping solution.  

Our gripping technology is bringing human touch to robotics and automation.

It is one of the most adaptive grippers that exist today!

And the best part is – everyone can afford it!

Founded by a group of enthusiast friends who shared a vision of one young man who wanted to employ the robots and free humanity, The Human Touch Robotics offers an adaptive gripper that can solve various problems and bring robots to places and applications that were not previously possible.

If you want to grip fast, grip easy and grip smart, get in touch today to learn more about thtRobotics and our story.

Explore our website and get a glimpse of a world that can be made possible very soon.


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